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Words are not enough. Together we can take action against GBVF.

Establishment of the GBVF Response Fund

The Fund exists to harness collective resources in all sectors of the economy, led by the private sector to strengthen the national response to gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) in South Africa. The Fund recognises that GBVF is a national priority that is underfunded, and identifies the need for a multisectoral approach that prioritises the effective and efficient implementation of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) on GBVF.

A successful national response relies on a united financial and social effort. This is the first step in a holistic approach that aims to coordinate financial resources to support relevant programmes and campaigns that will raise awareness, lead to mass action, and result in behavioural change. 

The private sector will lead the GBVF Response Fund1, with the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA) playing the leading role in its establishment.

Read more about the National Strategic Plan on Gender Based Violence and Femicide here.

Rise up and play your part.

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  • To provide a vehicle through which the different sectors can make financial, non-financial and wider contributions towards the implementation of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) on Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF), through leveraging strategic partnerships.

  • To partner and support organisations and institutions that address the range of intersecting challenges that women face, making them vulnerable to GBVF.

  • To make resources accessible for the implementation of the NSP GBVF to a cross-section of the implementers requiring support from the fund. Community-based organisations, those addressing systemic issues relating to GBVF and high-risk geographic locations that have been marginalised will be given priority.

  • To provide the necessary technical support to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of programmes supported to respective grantees.

  • To provide the necessary programming and financial infrastructure to facilitate the delivery and robust accountability and governance for private sector funds.

  • To facilitate and build operational and strategic cohesion between donors, grantees, civil society, the private sector and the South African government.

  • To operate with transparency, integrity and accessibility within strict governance frameworks